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Our Cashmere Goats


Among our goats are the winner of the Cashmere Goat Association fleece contest in 2015 (2-year-old doe fleece). Several are sired by the 2016 CGA Grand Champion Buck Lance-a-Lot. Pine Hill Farm produced the winner of the CGA doe kid class in 2016 and the first-place kid wether in 2017. Two yearling does won ribbons at CGA in 2017. In 2018, we again had the first-place wether kid and a two-year-old doe in third place. In 2019, Pine Hill Farm's Caramel won the 2-year-old wether class and fleece competition and our buck kid won his class. 

We usually have goats for sale, adults and/or kids. Prices reflect conformation, fiber, and breeding history.



Contact us about cashmere goats for sale and to arrange a visit to the farm.


Most of our kids have arrived (one doe left to kid)  and will be ready to go home after weaning. Some will be able to take their mamas with them. Kids are priced depending on color and fiber potential. The 2018 bunch have their very own page!


Wethers (castrated male goats) are often top fiber producers because they grow larger than does and the energy conserved by not breeding is diverted to fiber production. They also make terrific pets, companion goats, and 4-H projects.


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